Ask the ‘crunchy’ big data questions that lead to breakthrough analytics

To get the most out of big data, IT leaders need to mentor analytics teams on how to formulate “crunchy” questions, which are key to obtaining strategically and operationally meaningful answers.

During a recent visit with John Lucker, Principal and Global Advanced Analytics and Modeling Leader at Deloitte, we talked about the difficulties organizations encounter when it comes to obtaining breakthrough big data analytics that can transform strategy as well as assist operations.

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  1. Question is ‘are you useful’ and think about it – in 5 years time data scientists specialising in Big Data will probably be a standard role where spitting out old school financials won’t cut the mustard and where the overall number will be less as companies chew the fat of overhiring (standard market movement in any industry).
    Fear I have is that, as has been seen in other fields, certain firms will undertrain partly because of ignorance (no standard approach to using data science with Big Data exists). Much as it sounds like being negative for the sake of it, this is what I’ve seen in other industries that use analytics and in some cases people’s careers have been cut short due to this.


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