7 applications of IoT-connected vehicles which may soon be common

Recently I came across this bit of interesting factoid which went mostly unnoticed by media, because for most people it is not earth-shattering news- “… the operating cost of some robots is now less than the salary of an average Chinese worker”.

This has tremendous implications for manufacturing in the near future (10 years at the maximum) where most mundane and low level jobs will be taken over by machines – especially connected machines. Typical among this list of jobs which will move away from humans and towards machines are assembly line work (will be handled by robots, mostly) and complex manufacturing (3d printers). However in the non-manufacturing world too, the impacts of connected machines will be clear: taxi drivers and chauffeurs (replaced by self driving cars), delivery men (by drones), pharmacists and even personal physicians (by smart Watson-type programs) and so on. This is as game-changing as the internet was barely 20 years ago.

Author: Bala Deshpande

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