Data analytics – The key to exploit the potential of the Internet of Things(IOT)

Considering the exponential explosion of Internet-enabled devices and the quantum of data spewed by these devices, it is no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data feature at the top of the closely-watched Gartner hype cycle which has been known to give a good indication of the specific stage that a particular technology (or product) trend is at.

Similarly, the strategic importance of Big Data analytics for businesses can be gauged from a recent study by General Electric and Accenture that delved into the impact of the convergence of Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things. According to this study, such convergence is altering the competitive landscape of entire industries. Organisations that do not develop an appropriate strategy to leverage Big Data analytics could risk their growth, a fact acknowledged by almost 89% of the participants in the study. This in turn has lead to many DaaS providers to offer innovative web scraping and data crawling solutions, thus supplementing the data-driven future of IoT.

Author: Chaitanya

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