Will 2015 be the year that Hadoop goes mainstream?

After filing for an initial public offering last month, Hadoop provider HortonWorks is ending 2014 with a bang: The company’s stock had an enthusiastic reception on Wall Street and by the end of the first day had a valuation of more than $1 billion.

After making its debut with an IPO price per share of $16, HortonWorks’ stock soared to more than $25 in the first day of trading and has stayed above $20 per share in the intervening days. And it was in good company: Real-time analytics and mobile app management company New Relic made its IPO on the same day on the New York Stock Exchange and also saw more than 40% gains on its first day. Both companies are now in a coveted club of $1 billion startups, showing the high expectations for big data and analytics companies.

Author: Kelly Hill

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