IoT: Hottest technology to watch out for in 2015

A recent interaction with Gartner, Intel and Sapient Global Markets highlighted that 2015 will witness the emergence of a plethora of Internet of Things (IoT) based products and solutions, fired by consumer and business needs and catalysed by maturing underlying technologies.

Imagine a device integrated with your car which keeps a record of your driving related data such as mileage, speed and even your driving patterns. This data is also connected to the cars of your friends or people around you or cars of the same brand and enables you to compare your stats in real time. Cut to a scenario where you remember while on your way to office that you forgot to switch off your AC. You don’t fret and all you do is login to the IoT related website of the device, through a web browser and click on an icon to switch off your AC remotely.

Author: Amrita Premrajan


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