4 ways real-time analytics lead to competitive advantages

Big data helps organizations sharpen their batch reporting with the addition of unstructured data, which combines with traditional structured data to produce a more complete picture of what goes on in a business over a specific period of time.

These useful reports enable decision makers to more accurately respond to situational trends. But businesses also want data and analytics that are real-time or near real-time so they can act quickly on. The good news is we are beginning to acquire enough empirical results on real-time and near real-time big data and analytics to see where this data has been immediately “actionable” to businesses, and where it is making a competitive difference.

Author: Mary Shacklett

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  1. This is exactly what our Novetta Entity Analytics solution was born to do!

    Data Refinement, Entity Resolution and Analysis: Novetta Entity Analytics unifies the data scattered across your systems to give you a single unified view of the people, organizations, locations, and other entities or “things” and their relationships in your enterprise. By revealing the real-world networks, behaviors, and trends of the entities and relationships that exist within corporate data repositories and data silos, you can connect the dots to do completely new things such as enhance the customer experience, do more targeted marketing and reduce the risk of fraud. Novetta Entity Analytics makes Hadoop data useful to anyone using an adaptive process to unify all types of data – regardless of schema – and allows analysts to look at and connect their data in entirely new ways.


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