Apache Drill Poised to Crack Tough Data Challenges

It’s been three years in the making, and today the Apache Drill project announced that version 1 of the eponymous tool is ready for business. MapR Technologies, which develops Hadoop and NoSQL database software, wasted no time adding it to its software stack, and declaring war on fixed schemas everywhere.

Apache Drill is revolutionary in the way it allows users to explore, visualize, and query large and diverse data sets, particularly semi-structured data generated on the Web and via machines. Instead of hammering a given piece of data into a fixed schema using ETL or MapReduce routines and then querying it with a SQL engine like Hive, as first-gen big data practitioners were apt to do, Drill’s capability to discover schema on the fly empowers users go right to querying the data, through standard SQL no less, without first taking its shape or schema into account.

Author: Alex Woodie

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