Alteryx pioneers self-service data prep and analytics

Alteryx is doing a very good job of pioneering the self-service analytics space with an end-to-end, self-service workflow, plentiful data-access options, and big-data analysis.

There’s a huge gap between spreadsheets on the one hand and statistician- and data-scientist-oriented workbenches on the other. Alteryx is doing its best to fill the void. “Excel needs a BFF!,” quipped Alteryx president George Mathew at the company’s Inspire15 event in Boston. That line drew a big laugh from the more than 800 Inspire attendees because many Alteryx customers use its software to replace broken spreadsheet-based analyses. At Home Depot, for example, Charles Coleman, senior analyst, special projects, used to spend two weeks pulling together point-of-sale, marketing and merchandising data in Excel in order to study store clustering and performance.

Author: Doug Henschen

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