Upcoming edX Courses in Big Data & Analytics

edx-logo-headerFor those looking for online Big Data & Analytics Training, here are some upcoming sessions that may be of interest:

  • Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (Starts August 25, 2015): Learn why and how knowledge management and Big Data are vital to the new business era.
    The business landscape is changing so rapidly that traditional management, business and computing courses do not meet the needs for the next generation of workers in the business world. Most traditional methods are of a repetitive, rule-based nature and will be gradually replaced by Artificial Intelligence. In the knowledge era, the most value added job will be to manage knowledge, which includes how knowledge is created, mined, processed, shared and reused in different trades and industry. At the same time, the amount of data and information (prerequisites of knowledge) is exploding exponentially. By 2020, IDC projects that the size of the digital universe will reach 40 zetabytes from all sources including, websites, weblog, sensors, and social media. Big data will transform how we live, work and even think. (Cost: Free)
  • Text Mining and Analytics (Starts September 2, 2015): Learn how to analyze and unlock valuable insights from the growing amount of textual data online.
    The knowledge base of the world is rapidly expanding, and much of this information is being put online as textual data. Understanding how to parse and analyze this growing amount of data is essential for any organization that would like to extract valuable insights and gain competitive advantage. This course will demonstrate how text mining can answer business related questions, with a focus on technological innovation. (Cost: $295)
  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (Starts September 2, 2015): Learn how to design Microsoft cloud computing solutions using Microsoft Azure.
    Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, a growing collection of integrated services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money. In this course, you’ll apply what you already know about implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure to learn solution design skills. At the completion of this course, you will be able to identify tradeoffs and make decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud solutions. (Cost: Free)

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