Can Big Data Help Catch A Crime Gang That Operates Across 36 States?

How do you catch a notorious crime gang that operates across 36 states, is constantly on the move, and operates by recruiting locals to carry out the dirty work while the ringleaders hide out in motels and safe houses?

This is the challenge facing the task force set up to tackle what has become known as the Felony Lane Gang. A highly organized network of transient criminals which has been operating for at least five years and is responsible for hundreds of petty thefts totalling tens of millions of dollars.

Author: Bernard Marr

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  1. The gang would most likely be using a code language to communicate between leaders and the primary field operatives.
    They are most likely using stolen or fake prepaid mobile connections.
    The codes may be a set of words that mask words such as target, location,time,payoff,execute…etc.
    A set of recent such crimes may be selected in different states and mobile call records to be analyzed say +- 2 hours pre and post the crime and in a radius of say 5 kms around the crime scene.
    Comparing the data collected from different states may highlight a common pattern in some Prepaid SIM calls like some words repeated in all the sets of data at regular times from the crime which may suggest a code.


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