Your Data Won’t Speak Unless You Ask It The Right Data Analysis Questions

Organizations spend millions of dollars on collecting and instrumenting big data with various data analysis tools. According to Capgemini and EMC study, 56% of senior executives and decision-makers claim that their investment in big data over the next three years will exceed past investment in information management.

65% admit they risk becoming irrelevant and uncompetitive if they do not leverage big data in the times when non-traditional providers, like startups thriving on big data processing, move into their industries. Although companies realize they desperately need to dig into big data analytics to maintain their business position, 45% think their current internal IT development cycles are not sufficient for new analytics and don’t fulfil their business requirements. Over half (52%) see the speed of their organization’s insight generation from data analytics as constrained by its existing IT infrastructure. Top companies started to question their data management and look for better ways to use their data as a competitive advantage.

Author: Agata Kwapien

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  1. Agreed. I also think you need someone who understands the data to counter the negative insight whenever possible. A open access database is hard to refresh though without layered summarized data.

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