Crowdfunding Analytics = New Revelations Ahead

Crowd Sourcing AnalyticsWhilst surfing on the web for ‚wisdom of crowds’ today, I came across a very appealing solution called CrowdSurfer.

In a nutshell, CrowdSurfer helps to analyze investments financed through crowdfunding and marketplace lending, but there is more than meets the eye.

Source: Forbes article by Chance Barnett, Trends Show Crowdfunding to surpass VC in 2016

CrowdSurfer has an ambition to make life easier for the following user groups – those who are raising finance, second group would be new investment opportunities seekers and practitioners who are on the lookout for market intel (investment, risk, compliance reasons, etc.)

Do not waste a good mistake, learn from it’, Robert Kiyosaki’s famous words = CrowdSurfer is being pre-emptive here and lifts their game up a notch, as their solution is supposed to help you learn from previous mistakes of others (clearly a preferred scenario).

Another value-add to investors, financial advisors and corporates getting involved with crowdfunding is the power of knowledge, which in this context practically means risk mitigation – crowdfunding is still a fairly nascent area, in grand scheme of things, certainly from corporate helicopter view of things – myriad of known and unknown uknowns to manage, which CrowdSurfer is trying to address = decreasing potential risk involved in not knowing about certain aspects of crowd finance exercise.

Important element is time-to-value, an area at which the innovative provider is looking at closely – reducing the time required to launch or expand your business by using a single source of industry data.

It goes back to Analytics basics/however still being a grand goal at the same time –single version of truth/holistic/consolidated view of data sources = as opposed to siloed view, in general.

They also focus on efficiency side of things – as we know, there is a price tag associated with lining up your IT/data science troops in every form or fashion, whether it meansdata aggregation itself and subsequent data management (my previous posts arededicated to these important matters, data preparation and data governance).

With CrowdSurfer, you can use independent industry data to support the ‘adventure of your venture’.

Some of the successful use cases would be a marketing agency, leveraging CrowdSurfer data intelligence to identify campaign success factors, monitor campaign progress and adjust certain elements in a timely fashion if necessary, as well as determine research precedents ( I am particularly interested in precedents/pattern recognition, so I will get back to this sub-topic in one of next posts).

And of course, back to the foundational stuff – you can see all the activities in acentralized dashboard = holistic view, which enables effective course of action for people involved in the campaign.

GVEP International, is a non-profit organisation working to alleviate poverty in developing countries through increased access to sustainable, renewable energy. As they proclaim on their website, lack of access to energy is ‘one of the most pervasively debilitating aspects of poverty’, which is unfortunately true.

They are running an international initiative called “Crowd Power”, where crowdfunding provides new insights about renewable energy enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

CrowdSurfer provides advanced search functionality and enhanced geographical drill-down capabilities for GVEP, more info on their website.

Even European Commision is enjoying some fresh insights, as part of their quest to agility (not that this institution is particularly famous for being-fast moving = sorry for the remark), where the vendor solution provides an overview of crowd finance activity month-by-month/across member states. Underlying objective is to determine any market changes and how these relate to state-level or EU regulation and compliance areas.

In mid-May, a new crowdfunding regulation called ‘Title III’ came into force in U.S., addressing the affairs associated with equity crowd financing and Emily Mackay, CrowdSurfer CEO provided a nice summary of what SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) has been been up to and what is likely coming up next in this important legal framework arena.

If you are keen to further entertain your thoughts at the intersection of Analytics/Crowdfunding/Campaign management, please reach out.

Authored by:
Bruno Polach

Bruno is passionate about Big Data/Analytics technologies, innovation and mainly its impact on businesses, individuals and society overall. Bruno has worked for/with leading MNCs (SAP Business Objects, EMC, Deloitte), as well as in a startup mode, always oscillating around Data and Analytics best practices for variety of companies across a few industries. Currently focused on Analytics optimization in the realm of corporate development: CFO Analytics/1-Day Immersion Programme and CHRO Analytics: 1-Day Immersion Programme, as part of our niche consulting endeavours at

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