5 Tips for Businesses Looking to Build an Analytics Team

Big data is something just about every company needs to focus on these days. Though developing data analytics can help companies gain a competitive edge, leveraging data is becoming a necessity for success as the big data industry develops and expands. Not only can big data help businesses understand what customers want, it can also help make processes more efficient or inform important strategic decisions.

We have a lot of data, and businesses are hiring data scientists like crazy to make sense of it all. Estimates suggest that we’ll be sitting on 40 zettabytes of it by the end of the decade-that’s 45 trillion gigabytes! By next year, demand for data scientists is expected to grow more than 50% worldwide. If you’re thinking about building an analytics team, how can you hire the best people in this market? Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

Author: Ryan Ayers


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