8 New Products You’ll See At Strata + Hadoop World

In two weeks, big data enthusiasts from around the world will converge on San Jose for the semi-annual Strata + Hadoop World conference. Existing products like Spark and Kafka are destined to be the stars of the show, while new technologies like Hoodie and Sparklyr aim to gain traction.

Here are eight new big data products that will be presented at Strata + Hadoop World that you that should be on your radar: PyTorch PyTorch is a new deep learning framework designed to enable developers to rapidly prototyping of deep learning models for image, text, and time-series data. The software, which was created by a group of developers working for Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce, is based on Python, and is designed to be more flexible than alternatives like TensorFlow.

Author: Alex Woodie


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