5 Skills Data Scientists Need to Get Hired and Earn More

For students and professionals looking to launch a career in data science, there’s no shortage of lucrative opportunities. According to McKinsey research, wages for data scientists grew 14 percent over a recent two-year period, eight times faster than the average U.S. wage growth.

In fact, the same McKinsey report speculates the U.S. data scientist shortage will reach the staggering height of 250,000 open positions by 2024.  Data science professionals currently earn an average annual wage of $100,000, and some earn more than $300,000 annually. What’s the difference between these “average” and “above-average” earners in the data science field? As it turns out, it’s tech skills. Research by O’Reilly reveals that data scientists using 15 or more tools (five more tools than average) earn $30,000 more than their peers.

Author: Vivian Zhang


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