5 Hadoop Trends to Watch in 2017

Hadoop is synonymous with big data, providing both storage and processing resources for large and disparate data sources—not to mention a platform for third-party software vendors to build upon. Where will the distributed computing system go in 2017? Here are five macro trends impacting Hadoop to keep an eye out this year.

Later this month, Hadoop will turn 11 years old. That’s an eternity in the IT biz. But will it be enough to slow the spread of adoption? 1. It Ain’t Dead Yet Rumors of Hadoop’s demise are greatly exaggerated, according to George Corugedo, CTO of data integration software vendor RedPoint Global. “Don’t be a Ha-dope!,” he declares. “For all those folks running around saying Hadoop is dead – they’re dead wrong.”

Author: Alex Woodie

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