A former Google data scientist explains why Netflix knows you better than you know yourself

Much of ” Everybody Lies ” – a new book by economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz – explores how Big Data reveals people’s secrets. People share with Google their desire to read racist jokes and watch same-sex porn when they’d never ever share those desires IRL.

But one of the most fascinating parts of the book shows how Big Data can also reveal when people are lying to themselves . Stephens-Davidowitz, who is a former Google data scientist, points to the evolution of Netflix’s algorithm to illustrate his point. In its early days, the company allowed users to create a queue of movies they wanted to watch in the future.

Author: Shana Lebowitz


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  1. This is moving faster than just about anyone imagined… the inflection point for the insights-driven business model closes soon… companies will either invest in analytical capability or be without the necessary insights for market success.


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