Is Big Data Bigger than Its Own Hype?

Experts in medicine, marketing, and networks discuss the potential transformative impacts of big data—as well as its limitations and challenges. Across fields, big data is enabling a set of practices and inquiries that could usher in a new age of discovery, but it will require human ingenuity to get there.

“Big data will not solve a single problem for us,” said Yale’s Harlan Krumholz. It’s not that he is a big data skeptic, though to date, he sees more hype than results, at least in medicine, his field of expertise. What Krumholz wants to make clear is that data alone doesn’t do anything—even when compiled into astoundingly large data sets on our most powerful computers. Fundamentally what matters will be the questions we ask and the insights that come from this new way of seeing.

Author: Nicholas A. Christakis, Meagen Eisenberg, Harlan M. Krumholz


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