Rethinking Data with Incorta – Interview with Matthew Halliday

Every startup is promising the next best thing. Every one is the uber of X. Until you turn around and (as one Chinese start-up did) lose 300,000 umbrellas. Humans are simple creatures when it boils down, always too hot or too cold.


The Data Analytics ecosystem particularly can fall prey to this. The long road of success is riddled with the derelict corpses of companies who failed. When a company stands out in such an ever changing and competitive landscape we like to take note.


Incorta is a company I have had my eyes on for some time. After coming out of stealth they quickly secured a $10 million funding round led by Google Ventures. Why have I had our eyes on them you may ask? Well their goal is to make the Data Warehouse a dinosaur, and in some sectors they may just do it.


I was lucky enough to speak with Matthew Halliday, Incorta’s Chief Evangelist. We covered what makes Incorta special, how it compares and where he sees the technology going.


Very early on in our talk its clear Incorta knows where they are in the market place. They focus on customers who work with operational business data with whom traditional relational DB’s are #1 most popular. Key here is all of their customers generate records within table structures. Meaning to run advanced queries one need to utilize joins many times the data needs to be redesigned and the ETL process updated when a manager has a new bright idea. Incorta allows users to run the most advanced queries and have the results returned in sub seconds.


Democratizing data is almost as hot a buzz word as Data Science now days. Matthew argued that they were doing more to democratize data than anyone else. Bold claim indeed, however his argument that because they don’t change the shape of data it unshackles analysts and business users alike from IT. Open source is not something one can ignore now days, and Incorta supports open source standards and use the Parquet data format. The product ships with Spark loaded allowing customers to easily run python libraries.


I would like to thank Matthew Halliday for taking time out of his day to speak with me.


You can find more information on Incorta here:



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