Transforming big data insights with Kyvos

Stealth startups rarely turn into something big. It takes expertise, experience, talent and an incredible product market fit for a true stealth mode startup to flourish. Kyvos is one of those companies. In 2015 they emerged from stealth with multi-dimensional OLAP product for Hadoop. Over the last 2 years the world of big data analytics has changed significantly, Kyvos has evolved with it.

Last week I was lucky enough to speak with Ajay Anand VP of Product Management and Marketing at Kyvos. He has been with the company since its origination 4 years ago. Ajay is a true veteran in the big data space. He led the initial implementation of Hadoop at Yahoo back in 2007.

Ajay noticed early on how cumbersome building reports with Hadoop was. In fact Ajay left yahoo in 2009 to found a startup which was focused around helping companies optimize end to end processing of Hadoop by using sample data to create reports. He joined Kyvos to take this concept to the next level.

What makes Kyvos special? Ajay’s, response was simply that they are transforming the way enterprises get insights from big data. The core of what they do is allow companies use existing bi tools to connect to data in Hadoop and other big data infrastructures allowing much easier access to massive amounts of data instantly. The buzz word for this is “Democratizing Data”. They allow both technical and non technical users to access data instantly. Data in many cases would take days and/or require an engineer to come help retrieve the requested information. Without this bottleneck employees are freed to build reports and analysis free of these shackles.

Obviously with the cyber work on fire security is a critical issue. Kyvos has strict user type authorization designations protecting your core data from one reckless employee.

Reminder: Just like food if you find a USB on the ground just throw it away.

On the Product Management side Ajay is a huge believer in building a roadmap which weighs both large customer demands and where his team sees the product going. He is a huge believer in the 5 why’s to find out what is really causing a customer problems.

If you are interested giving your employees the power to build reports faster with less headache then give Kyvos a call.

I want to thank Ajay for his time.

You can learn more about what Kyvos 4.0 can do at:

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