Even college baseball teams are now embracing the big data approach

The pitcher comes set. Enacts his delivery. His offering sails wide of the plate. Just like the last one, he thinks. He checks over his shoulder, glancing at the scoreboard that displays the strike zone, the pitch speed, and the exit velocity of batted balls.

Yup. Instant feedback and validation, right there, right as soon as the ball leaves his hand. To think, this is only practice — yet all this information is available so readily. This is not a scene from Major League Baseball or one of its minor-league affiliates; nor is it from a movie or video game, though it could be, as easily as a well-turned 6-4-3 double play. Rather, this hypothetical comes from the University of Iowa’s recent intrasquad game, and serves as a reminder that the cutting-edge approaches used by the professionals are spreading sportwide.

Author: R.J. Anderson


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