Fueling the data-driven enterprise: Eight critical elements

The term “data rich, information poor” refers to organizations that have yet to transform their data into actionable insights. Their attempts to become data-driven are often stymied by ambiguity surrounding the project, along with a lack of awareness of the people, process and technology considerations that are vital to the success of these initiatives.

To become data-driven, organizations must provide decision-makers with timely access to clean, consistent, reliable, and actionable information, while avoiding the myriad challenges that lie in the way. With that in mind, let’s look at eight critical elements that underpin a successful, long-term information management strategy—and how organizations can implement them to become truly data-driven.

Author: John Walton


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  1. Current situation: data rich but app semantics hidden in the code.

    Better situation: data rich and apps written in Executable English, with English explanations of results.

    Online: at with many examples.

    You are invited to write your own examples. Nothing to download. Just point your browser to the above site.


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