Big Data Analytics and IoT can solve some of the hardest medical problems

When it comes to saving a patient’s life in medical emergencies, quick decisions should be taken. Big Data and Analytics could help physicians make better decisions in high-stress scenarios, by letting them do genetic data sequencing, peruse several treatment records of patients with a similar condition all over the world, providing them deeper comprehension of treating patients.

Furthermore, IoT could also help doctors in benchmarking patients against previous health cases, investigating how patients with a certain gene respond to different treatments and make decisions which are based on facts, instead of judgment. Big Data would really be valuable to the healthcare field in what is known as the IoT or the Internet of Things. The Internet of things is a growing network of daily objects, from industrial machineries to consumer goods that could share information and accomplish tasks while one is busy with other tasks, such as work, exercise or shop.

Author: Ritesh Mehta


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