How Big Data/Data Analytics Will Transform Supply Chains – Part 1

Your cell phone receives a text message indicating that import declarations for critical parts required in your China factory missed today’s deadline for filing with your customs broker.

The manager of logistics receives an alert that port traffic in Los Angeles may delay by 48 hours the receipt of critical raw materials prompting your logistics software for you to approve diverting the cargo to Long Beach. The director of trade compliance is notified that there is a 90% chance that a critical shipment of parts to Sao Paolo may be subject to inspection by Brazilian Customs, delaying receipt of the parts at your factory by up to two days.

Author: Keith Haurie


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  1. See also… …automatically generating complex SQL from readable English rules, with English explanations of results.

    There’s a platform for this online at with many examples. Try writing and running your own examples too !

    Nothing to download. Just point your browser to the above site.


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