Big Data: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, The Cloud And Other 2018 Trends

In his latest book, “Thank You For Being Late,” Thomas Friedman highlighted 2007 as one of the most pivotal years in technology: 2007 saw the birth of Hadoop, the iPhone and Amazon’s Kindle for instance. My bet is that 2018 will start a new era for the technology space, very much like 2007 did.

I see two reasons for this: the cloud will change the game because it has become a measurable strategy for Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Big Data will be less about technology. It will be more about management practices and processes. And data engineers will be forced to rethink their world as the enterprise mindset for analytics excellence shifts. However, there is ‘a catch’ embedded in each of these predictions. Let me try to convince you of my beliefs and let me know if I don’t.

Author: Bruno Aziza

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