Why the reality of big data is finally catching up to its hype

Big data has been big hype for so long that it’s easy to overlook the real enterprise adoption it’s finally seeing. In case you were wondering, “big data” is still a thing. And in case you needed proof, recent earnings reports from Cloudera and Hortonworks suggest there is still big money in big data.

We’ve taken to dressing it up in machine learning or AI clothes, but most companies are still struggling with the foundational basics of wildly variegated, fast-moving, high volume data, and are willing to pay for some help. Reality catches up with the hype If you’re bored with the very idea of big data, assuming it’s passe, you’re not alone. A quick glance at Google search trends indicates a tapering off of interest over the past year. The hype cycle for big data, it would seem, has played itself out.

Author: Matt Asay


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