You’ve been using Excel wrong all along (and that’s OK)

Microsoft doesn’t mind if you stop using Excel for the wrong things, as it’s been building replacements to compete with the tools trying to replace Excel for doing things it wasn’t designed for.

The discussion about whether finance departments are moving away from Excel or remain perfectly happy with it should really have been framed more along the lines of whether they should stop using Excel for the wrong things. Ignore the common but simplistic ‘just use Google Docs’ response. If you only need the basics, Google Sheets will give you that, but so will Excel on the iPad and the web — and that’s so far away from what enterprises use Excel for that it’s a tribute to the breadth of Excel that the same product competes with so many alternatives.

Author: Mary Branscombe


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  1. The following example describes how a spreadsheet model led people astray, and suggests that that there will be fewer such errors if self-explaining executable English is used:

    You can view, run and edit the example by pointing a browser to and selecting GrowthAndDebt1 .

    There are many other examples, and you are invited to write and run your own too.


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