Big Data Is Overrated Compared To Human Ingenuity

We live in an era in which top executives can’t survive without breaking into song about the wonders of big data. They have to be able to create beautiful correlations of data, or at least hire a business analyst to handle it for them.

In other words, you need to understand on an intricate level the math behind what you’re doing or you won’t be at the top. Or on some level, you have to at least come off that way. We’re obsessed with finding new ways to mention new big data — in our cars, our homes, our cities — and investors even love the idea of building big data software for big data. We’re transitioning to a point where influential CEOs are given a great deal of credit for “big data initiatives.” Machine learning can spot patterns, it can tell you things, it can help create amazing products.

Author: Diego Fischer


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  1. You can more easily combine human ingenuity with data by writing #BI apps in executable English.

    Here’s a summary slide

    and a short paper

    The system is live online with many examples. You are invited to write and run your own examples too.

    Shared use is free, and there are no commercials. Nothing to download, just point a browser to


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