Why Data Science Is The Most Exciting Career

In today’s world, whatever your job, having skills and knowledge in Data Science will play a huge role in your career development. For example, big data and analytics gathered from customers allow marketers to build more effective digital marketing campaigns.

Elsewhere, city planners are gathering huge reams of data about how people move around the city and using it to help build building ‘smart cities’ that will run faster and more efficiently. Retail has been upended by Amazon thanks to its data driven logistics capabilities. Amazon uses data to keep a tight hold on its mammoth inventory, but still ensure there is enough stock at each of its warehouses to guarantee consumers get their products rapidly after ordering online.

Author: James Cook University


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  2. Data Science is becoming most exiting and demanding career option in IT industries. Since there are very huge amount data in all over the world and we need to manage these information with representation, identification and extraction of meaningful from data sources to be used for business purposes. For more info visit on:


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