Want To Be A Data Scientist? Learn These Languages

Data scientist — now that sounds sexy. Take a closer look, and instead of desirable curves (or bulging muscles), you’ll see an ecosystem of hundreds of sources of data, dozens of formats of data, scores of programming languages, bundles of Big Data tools, and about a thousand pairs of expectant eyes of stakeholders from business and C-suite leadership hoping you’ll unveil the hidden code of humanity by crunching some numbers.

Now that we have a reality check in place, let’s give some props to the data scientist, for once. These data wizards are able to turn numbers that mean nothing into figures that mean a lot. The modern enterprise, whatever its core product may be, doesn’t exist without producing a lot of data, every day. No wonder, data scientist jobs have shown tremendous growth, both in numbers as well as average pay rates, in the past few years.

Author: Rahul Sharma


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  1. Also — Executable English — may be the start of the end of coding. It’s an AI based IDE for end users. It automatically generates complex networked SQL , and provides English explanations/audit trails for results.
    Live online at . Shared use is free. Nothing to download.


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