Crucial Data Science Trends CEOs Need to Know In 2018

Data is the fuel that drives the engine of today’s businesses. Every process and workflow is aided by insights gleaned from data, which becomes increasingly available with each passing day. Now that the Internet of Things is upon us, it’s possible to collect data on anything and everything — and we can only expect this trend to grow.

The true value of data is how it reveals information that might otherwise be invisible. These revelations, in turn, help propel growth, spark innovation, and give companies advantages over their competition. As a result, at least some familiarity with data science has become essential for aspiring executives. Business leaders must provide direction and guidance to their teams. Fortunately, this high-level decision-making is much easier when it’s informed by objective facts and empirical figures. Executives who can understand, manipulate, and analyze data are in the best position to achieve results.

Author: Kirill Eremenko


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