Data scientist: The cult of pan-galactic data doesn’t work for business

A foremost data scientist and a top CIO share their advice on collecting and using data in business. Learn practical lessons from two of the smartest people out there.

In the executive suite, they stuff data-rich dashboards with chart junk to create useless and misleading graphics. Meanwhile, many companies vacuum up as much customer data as they can find, to leave their analytics options open in the future. Both of these examples reflect a cultish attitude toward data, based on the belief that collecting data is a useful, even virtuous,

Author: Michael Krigsman


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  1. There’s technology live online that supports writing and running of apps specified in executable English. Each app can explain its results with an audit trail showing its reasoning steps all the way to the data used.

    Here’s a summary slide

    and a short paper

    Shared use of the platform is free, and there are no commercials. Nothing to download — just point a browser to


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