Strata Speakers Drop Clues on Winning with Data Science

The rapid pace of technological innovation is giving organizations amazing new capabilities in the field of data science. These advances are lowering the barrier of entry and super-charging data science capabilities for organizations around the world. With the playing field leveled somewhat, we look to the Strata Data Conference this week for clues on what will separate the data science winners from losers.

Hilary Mason, head of Fast Forward Labs at Cloudera, made several recommendations for how to find success in data science during her opening keynote address Wednesday morning. She began by remarking how quickly the field of big data has changed. “Things are things we can do today we could not do all at 5 years ago. But more importantly than that, there are things that are cheap today that were unaffordable 5 years ago,” Mason said. “This may be because of economic constraints and the cost of CPUs or GPUs.

Author: Alex Woodie


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