5 Benefits of Using Business Intelligence in 2018

If you pay even a small amount of attention to business news these days, it’s more than likely you’ve seen the words “analytics”, “insights”, and “big data” thrown around quite a bit. That’s all fine and great but what are the practical benefits of using analytics to get insights from your organization’s big data?

If you use a business intelligence (BI) platform, there are many. Here, however, are just five ways BI can help your business in the months to come. 1. Make Sense of Your Business Data Data is all around you. Literally. It’s in your website log that tracks how people visit your site and what they click on. It’s in the conversations customers have on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks about your company and its products. It’s in those years of past sales records, quality assurance information, and financial performance. Not to mention the tons of data on the economy, the weather, and anything else that might affect how your business runs.



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