Data Scientist: Labor Shortage Likely Contributes to Opioid Abuse by Construction Workers

Atlanta, March 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Overwork caused by the labor shortage could be a factor in the problem of opioid abuse among construction workers, writes Bruce Orr, founder of construction data analytics firm ProNovos, in a new column for Construction Business Owner magazine.

“When you dive into the labor reporting data at a typical construction company these days, what often emerges is a clear trend toward employee overwork,” Orr writes. “Financially, of course, all of that overtime and double time is a serious concern, but overwork is problematic in other ways as well. When projects are behind schedule and over budget, with crews working to near exhaustion, you can actually feel the tension in the air. That kind of environment is conducive to substance abuse.”

Author: Bruce Orr

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