Why Data Scientists Need Room to Explore

Every business feels the pressure to adopt business intelligence, but many are struggling with how and where to best incorporate data scientists and analysts into their teams. No one company has an advantage so far.

But the success of a few data-driven enterprises — the Amazons, the Alibabas — suggest a path forward for those who manage to navigate these waters. Separate Data Scientists From Product Delivery One of the key issues is determining where data scientists fit within an organization. Managers often default to viewing data scientist responsibilities as just another set of developer tasks.

Author: Pierre DeBois


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  1. There’s new technology that can help with internal communications between groups.

    There’s a platform live online that supports writing and running of data based apps specified in open vocabulary executable English.

    Each app can explain its results with an audit trail showing its reasoning steps all the way to the data is used.

    Here’s a summary slide

    and a short paper

    Shared use of the platform is free, and there are no commercials. Nothing to download — just point a browser to


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