Improve Customer Service With A Planned Approach To Machine Learning

These days, it’s hard not to run across a story in the news about machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) announcing some new feat or potential use. (And it’s easy to be confused by the two.) As technology races to develop ML and AI, companies across industries are standing by to adopt these new solutions to increase speed and efficiency of work throughout all aspects of their business.

Customer service is one such area seeing an influx of potential applications. Two recent pieces of research–an Accenture report and a survey–illustrate some of the challenges facing customer service today, how ML can benefit it, and the planned adoption rate of ML and AI by CIOs. Both are recommended reading, but to summarize just a few points drawn from the report: 27% of customer service environments have more than 100 possible assignment groups for new customer cases

Author: Paul Selby

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