Using AI, Bots, Big Data, and Analytics to Reduce Demand for Support

If we set as an overall goal “How can we create and sustain a consistent and awesome customer experience across multiple channels & touch points?”, there are seven challenges that have vexed companies for many years. None of them is easy to tackle, and the goal might seem elusive since customer expectations continue to rise.

The power of AI, bots, Big Data, and analytics can now enable us to attack them and thereby increase sustainable revenues, realize higher margins, and sustain greater levels of customer loyalty. Let’s consider one of these seven challenges, Reduce demand for support. Customers tell us that they would prefer not to have to bother themselves to contact your company for support, preferring that: Everything was clear and correct in the first place (e.g., shipments arrived on time, discounts were calculated accurately, or links sent them where they wanted to go);

Author: Bill Price


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