Why the transportation sector needs data scientists

The transportation industry is ripe for advancement. With the addition of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the industry might not be recognizable in 10 or 20 years. More connectivity means fully optimized operations and manufacturing, decreased downtime and accidents, and — what everyone is waiting for — driverless vehicles and ships.

Advancements cannot come soon enough. The International Transport Forum’s 2017 Transport Outlook notes that, due to the combination of population growth, urbanization, and globalization, carbon dioxide emissions from transport are expected to increase 60 percent by 2050. There are more people and goods moving around the globe, which has increased the need for vehicles, planes, and ships, leading to more pollution. To combat this, the transportation industry must undergo changes to accommodate increased global movement. The leading solution is through IoT technologies, which can limit the impact globalization, population growth, and urbanization has on the environment.

Author: Vivian Zhang


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