Everything You Should Know About 21st Century’s Most Sexiest Job Profile – Data Scientist

Ever wondered how Amazon’s recommendation system understands your requirement and shows you relevant products which you may buy? How shows you matches as per your specific needs?

How banks detect fraudulent credit card transaction? Or how Swiggy or Ola or Uber functions? How Facebook, Google serves your advertisement? All this is done by Data Scientists. 5Ws and H of Data Scientists The title ‘Data Scientist’ was coined in 2008 by D J Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher, who back then were leads of data and analytics efforts at LinkedIn and Facebook respectively. As they were doing a lot of large-scale data analysis work and data product development work which was beyond the traditional role of data analyst or business analyst so they coined the word data scientist and crowned themselves with this new designation.

Author: Bhupesh Daheria


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