Big Data: Top 4 Macro Trends

The way enterprises approach big data is rapidly changing. Just a few short years ago, big data was a hot buzzword, and most organizations were only experimenting with Hadoop and related technologies. Today, big data, particularly big data analytics, has evolved to become a critical part of most business’s strategies, and organizations are facing intense pressure to keep up with rapid advances in the field.

The NewVantage Partners Big Data Executive Survey 2018 found that big data projects — and the benefits derived from those projects — have become nearly universal. Among respondents, 97.2 percent of executives said their companies are working on big data or artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, and 98.6 percent said their firms are trying to create a data-driven culture, up from 85.5 percent in 2017. A strong majority (73 percent) also said that they had already obtained measurable value as a result of their big data initiatives.

Author: Cynthia Harvey

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