The data science life: Intuit’s Ashok Srivastava on AI, machine learning, and diversity of thought

Intuit is betting big on artificial intelligence and machine learning as it looks to infuse the technology into its products and customer experiences. As a result, Intuit is hiring flexible thinkers as well as data scientists to deploy AI broadly.We caught up with Ashok Srivastava, senior vice president and chief data officer at Intuit, to talk shop, where machine learning ends and AI begins, and managing a data science team.

Here are some of the highlights.How does Intuit utilize AI and machine learning? Srivastava said Intuit looks at AI through a portfolio approach. The areas break down like this:Building AI and machine learning into products. Customer care to help employees get better information to solve problems. “We are creating augmented intelligence to help get the consumer the right information at the right time and context,” Srivastava said. “For something like tax, answering questions requires access to information beyond Intuit.”

Author: Larry Dignan

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