Cloudera Gives Data Scientists More Options for ML

Cloudera unleashed a collection of new software today that’s geared at accelerating the development and deployment of machine learning programs. In addition to a new release of its Data Science Workbench that lets data scientists deploy ML models as APIs with the push of a button, it released a new iteration of its enterprise suite of software based around Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Enterprise 6.0, that offers first-class support for GPUs, among other new features.

Machine learning has always been one of the use cases that Cloudera supports with its open source software, Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop (CDH), as well as its flagship offering, Cloudera Enterprise, which now includes Apache Spark. The capability to detect patterns and anomalies in large data sets and to build business processes that operationalize them is the defining feature of “big data.” But as much as machine learning has always been a “thing” in the Hadoop world, something changed in Cloudera’s customer base recently that’s resulted in a sudden surge in interest in machine learning.

Author: Alex Woodie

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