Just Say AI, Blockchain, Crypto, IOT, AR, VR, Big Data, Analytics And Cybersecurity To Get Hired

Let’s simulate – just for fun (and with a little cynicism) – a discussion between a recruiter and a candidate looking for work. If you’re unfamiliar with Chauncey Gardiner and the classic movie, Being There, now’s the time to watch at least the YouTube clips of the film. Chauncey is clueless. He utters ambiguities and nonsense that sound profound.

Maybe he’s on to something (that’s for you to decide) – though Big Head from Silicon Valley may be a better example of how to parlay cluelessness into riches. Recruiter: “So what have you done in previous lives?” Candidate: “New stuff. Always new stuff.” Recruiter: “Like what?”

Author: Steve Andriole

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