Five Careers To Consider For Data Enthusiasts

Do you get excited every time you have to crunch numbers? Do you love knowing how many times people use their smartphones every day? Are you fascinated by how businesses use data to make decisions? If you do, then you might be ideally suited for a career where you could fully leverage this curiosity and aptitude for numbers.

While being a Data Scientist might seem the most sought after profession in the world of data, It is not the only option. Here are five best career choices for data geeks: Data Scientist There are some compelling reasons to become a data scientist. First, it’s a field that is growing at an astonishing rate – IBM predicts that by 2020, the demand for data scientists will grow by 28%. That’s good news for job-seekers, especially since that kind of demand can bump up salaries—which are already into six figures. What do data scientists use?

Author: Ryan Ayers


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