Data Science Shows That The Best ‘Mario Kart 8’ Character Is Wario

Data science is being in ways to collect information and see how life can be improved by using that information. It has now reached video games and it is telling us which Mario Kart 8 character is the best. A data scientist is able to show that Wario is the best character in the game.

In the same study, the scientist also figures out what is the best combination for a vehicle in the game. Wario Is The Best Mario Kart 8 Character Video games in which players are able to choose different characters always create a debate as to which character is the best one to play with. Data scientists Henry Hinnefeld decided to settle the debate in Mario Kart 8 by finding out which character was the best one to play with. Hinnefeld found that each character had almost the same stats just allocated differently.

Author: Jean-Pierre Chigne


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