Why Data Scientists Should Consider Adding ‘IoT Expert’ to Their List of Skills

The work of a data scientist is never done — nor is the pursuit of personal growth and knowledge. Technology advances and evolves at alarming speeds, which means anyone working in the industry must remain informed if they want to be competitive. In fact, this means it can be beneficial to get involved with neighboring industries or sectors, even if they have little to no relation to your current career.

For data scientists, it may be time to seriously consider adding the title “IoT Expert” to your growing list of traits and abilities. Why would you be concerned with learning this relatively new form of data science? More importantly, how can it help your career? Let’s start with the obvious — there’s a huge demand for IoT experts in the current landscape, and also in the far future. This can be due to a skill shortage, one that’s not only felt by IoT, but nearly all data and technology careers evenly.

Author: Nathan Sykes


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