The Tipping Point for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is at a critical point in its evolution. Over the last 500 years, human knowledge and intelligence has originated from evolution, experience, culture, and computers. In the not-so-distant future, most of the knowledge in the world is going to be extracted by machines and will reside in machines.

At this point, you might be imagining a future full of Terminators and I, Robot, but that’s a long, long way off from where we are today. Coined in 1956 by Dartmouth Assistant Professor, John McCarthy, “AI is a general term that refers to hardware or software that exhibits behavior which appears intelligent.” AI is designed around how people think. It’s an emulation of human intelligence.

Author: Mahe Bayireddi


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  1. Actually, AI refers to *artificial* intelligence, so it is not necessarily designed around the way people think. The field can be viewed as two disciplines, namely (1) AI and (2) Simulation of Cognitive Processes.

    Most current AI cannot provide human level explanations of its results. An exception is Executable English, online at .


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