Big data’ analysis links herpes virus to Alzheimer’s development

The idea that viruses might play a role in Alzheimer’s disease is decades old but has never been definitively proven. A “multi-omic” analysis of more than 900 donor brains linked the amount of herpes virus in a person’s brain to the presence of Alzheimer’s markers, such as amyloid plaques.

The discovery could open up new possibilities for Alzheimer’s treatment, such as antiviral and immune therapy. The researchers, from Arizona State University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, looked at data from multiple “brain banks” of donor tissue, including whole exome DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing of 622 brains with the clinical and neuropathological features of Alzheimer’s disease, and 322 brains without the disease.

Author: Amirah Al Idrus

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