Data Unifier Tamr Adds More VC Funding

Tamr Inc., the enterprise data integration specialist, added another $10 million in equity funding to its recent $18 million round announced in July. While the five-year-old company reportedly expected its July funding round to be its last, two new investors—Granite Hill Capital Partners and Pear Tree Partners—kicked in the additional funding, bringing Tamr’s total so far to $69.2 million.

Tamr, the MIT spinoff based in Cambridge, Mass., also said Tuesday (Sept. 18) it was adding four new board “observers,” including Samsung Ventures’ U.S. East Coast manager. The new funds will be used to expand Tamr’s continuing push into the enterprise market with its “machine-driven, human-guided” approach to data integration. The company’s Unify data platform leverages machine learning for big data curation tasks as a way of moving beyond the limits of traditional rules-based data integration frameworks.

Author: Staff report

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